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Broward County Public Schools Response to Student Volunteer Service

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and other intervening factors, Broward County Public Schools has waived the 40 Service-Learning hours required for high school graduation for the 2020/2021 school year.   It is important to note that this waiver is only for the minimum basic graduation requirement, the waiver does not affect service-learning hour requirements for silver cords, Bright Future Scholarships, Cambridge diplomas and other distinctions and scholarships.  Additional information can be obtained from your school BRACE advisor as well as the Florida Department of Education website at and clicking on the link for Bright Futures.  

Per the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program:

Service Hours Each district school board and the administrators of a nonpublic school must establish approved activities and the process for documentation of service hours including the deadline by which service hours must be completed. Service hours may include, but are not limited to, a business or governmental internship, work for a nonprofit community service organization, or activities on behalf of a candidate for public office. Except for credit earned through service-learning courses, the student may not receive remuneration or academic credit for the service work performed.

The hours must be documented in writing, and signed by the student, the student's parent or guardian, and a representative of the organization. Additionally, the student must identify a social or civic issue or professional area, develop a plan for personal involvement in addressing the issue or learning about the area, and through papers or other presentations, evaluate and reflect upon the experience. Please see this link for community service: If you have any questions or need any further information, please contact Jennifer Hamilton, Liaison, Student Athletics, at 754-321-1201.