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SHS Class of 2023

Graduation Ceremony

Student Reminders

Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at 7:00PM

Broward Center for the Performing Arts

The graduation ceremony honors and recognizes the achievement of rigorous educational standards by our students. The ceremony is a time-honored tradition that provides lifetime memories to students and their families. It is therefore important that students, parents, and guardians understand our expectations of decorum and etiquette at the graduation ceremony.





  • Graduates must be in their lines at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts by 5:30PM!
  • Guests will be allowed into the Broward Center for the Performing Arts by 6:00PM and must be in their seats by 6:45PM.

Doors will shut and lock at the start of the Ceremony and will not reopen until after the National Anthem. 


  • Student and Guest parking is located at SW 5th Ave. between Broward Blvd. and SW 2nd St
  • Parking is $10.00 and controlled by the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.


  • Face mask/ face coverings are not required at this time for the ceremony.


  1. Each graduate will receive 4 tickets for the ceremony for their guests.  Graduates themselves do not need a ticket.
  2. Graduates are to go immediately to their backstage/tunnel area upon arrival.
  3. All tickets are specifically assigned to individuals with signed decorum letters on file.
  4. Seating is general admission and there are no assigned seats or reserved seats on the main floor (with the exception of teacher seating starting at Row M).
  5. SHS MCJROTC Cadets will provide assistance with seating of special guests (VAL/SAL and Class of 2023 President).


Parents are to be reminded that:

There are no balloons, no seat saving and disabled seating is limited. 

Everyone regardless of age (babies included) must have a ticket to get into the Broward Center for the Performing Arts to view the program. Students should be informed No Ticket, No Entrance. Period!

Cameras are allowed but no one may stand or leave their seats to take pictures. This disrupts the flow of the ceremony and blocks the view of others. (Flash photography is not allowed)

Doors will open one (1) hour prior to the ceremony.

Doors will shut and lock at the start of the Ceremony and will not reopen until after the National Anthem. 


• The Graduation Ceremony will be live streamed at the following address:




DO: Make Your Grad Cap Special

Your graduation cap is yours and yours alone, so make it special! Share your excitement by sharing the things that mean the most to you. Add a photograph or put something that indicates your future plans. Add school colors or a motivational quote.

DO: Be Original

Show your originality and allow your Jostens cap stand out on its own merit. Choose items that represent you and the things you are working to achieve, but make sure you do your own thing so that no two graduation caps are the same.

DO: Have a Message

You can also choose to thank your parents, coach or a certain teacher who gave you extra time or supported you in some way outside of the classroom. 

DO: Be Appropriate

While graduation cap decoration may be fun at times, it is extremely important that you avoid anything that is inappropriate. You want to show pride in yourself as well as your accomplishments. Don’t decorate your cap with any inappropriate items or words that may cost you walking in line to receive your diploma. Be tactful, be appropriate, and above all, be yourself!

* No offensive language, offensive sayings, offensive nicknames, offensive pictures or offensive lyrics

DON’T: Go Over the Top

When it comes to graduation cap decorations, simple and classic are the way to go.

No  3D objects such as lights, signs, stuffed animals, bells, flowers, or any object that is not horizontally level with cap

* ALL decorations MUST lay FLAT on the cap.

* Your cap CANNOT make noise. No bells, horns, or anything that makes noise

*Failure to follow these rules will result in a replacement cap being given at the cost of the student.



  1. Your graduation gown (Iron or steam it the night before)
  2. Sunday best (dressy)
  3. No sneakers, flip flops, please!
  4. Graduation Caps worn flat on head
  5. Wear tassel to the right side of cap
  6. Medallions/Cords received at Senior Awards Program
  7. Place cell phone on silent


Please see suggestions below:

LADIES:  Business Professional or Semi-Formal Attire

  1. Black Shoes – You will be standing for long periods of time, pick your shoes wisely.
  2. Skirt or Dress not longer than the graduation gown.

GENTLEMENBusiness Professional or Semi-Formal Attire

  1. Black Shoes
  2. Black Pants
  3. White Collard Shirt
  4. Dark Tie

 Prohibited Items


· No weapons of any kind (Knives, Pocket Knives, Mace, Tasers, Etc.)

· No Purses, Backpacks, Backpack Purses, Cinch Bags, Sling Bags or Draw String Bags

· No Clutches or Purses larger than 4” X 6”

· No Audio or Video Recording Devices, GoPros, Laptops, or Selfie Sticks

· No Wrapped Gifts or Balloons

· No Signs

· No Strollers

· No Fireworks and Laser Pointers

· No Airhorns or Vuvuzelas

· No Animals, except Certified Service Animals

· Umbrellas Are Not Permitted

· Any Other Item Security may deem dangerous to Public Safety CAP



  • Students are reminded to take pictures before the ceremony as gowns must be returned immediately after commencement.


  • Immediately after the ceremony students will return gowns and receive your diplomas in the New River Room.  Only graduates and participating faculty will be allowed in this area—family members are not permitted in the New River Room.






A&E Parking Garage 101 SW 5th Ave.

SW 5th Ave. between Broward Blvd. and SW 2nd St.

.1 mile

<5 min

Broward County Governmental Center Garage 151 SW 2nd St.

2nd St. between SW 1st Ave. and the railroad tracks

.4 miles

<10 min

County II Parking Lot 80 SW 1st Ave.

SW 1st Ave. between

Broward Blvd. and SW 2nd St.

.4 miles

<10 min

City Park Mall Garage 150 SE 2nd St.

SE 2nd St. between SE 1st Ave. and SE 2nd Ave.

.5 miles

<15 min