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Financial Aid

Financial aid programs are designed to provide assistance to eligible individuals who have the ability to benefit from training and who, without assistance, would be unable to afford to attend.

We believe the primary responsibility for financing education lies first with the student and their family. When the total resources they can provide do not meet expenses, the College will do everything possible to assist so that the student will not be denied an education.

Selection of students to receive financial assistance is made without regard to age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, or handicap.

Applicants for financial assistance must complete the free Application for Federal Student Aid Booklet. They must have a high school diploma or its equivalent, or demonstrate the ability to benefit from job preparatory training. Students are required to maintain satisfactory progress in order to continue to receive assistance.

The type(s) and amount of financial aid a student receives is dependent upon the cost of attendance minus the student / family contributions as determined by a needs analysis, and may include:

  • Federal Pell Grant & Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) – View Website
    A need-based trust fund for non-Pell eligible students. Recipients must have a financial need as determined by Federal application processing and must be a Florida resident.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)
  • Veterans Benefits (VA)
  • Scholarships