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Dragongrams - Yearbook


Yearbooks can be purchased with cash in room 135.

The cost is $63. 


Broward College Dual Enrollment 

     (02/3/2020 - 03/18/2020)  The last day to register for Broward College's FALL TERM Dual Enrollment and early admissions programs will be wednesday, March 18, 2020. For requirements/registration information/ and more, please visit Stranahan High School's website or speak with your school counselor today


The Drug And Alcohol Course

      (01/31/20 - 2/13/2020) The drug and alcohol course will be held on February 13, 2020 from 3pm to 7pm. This is the 1st step to get your learners permit. Please contact Mr.Pierre for more information. Mr.Pierre is located in building 5, room 224.


Peace club

      (02/7/2020 - 02/10/2020) Peace club members please stop by Mr.Vega's room to pick the permision slip for the spring diversity summit. Only 25 spaces are available. Also Peace Club is taking orders for Tie-Dye shirts. Design your own two color $10.00 and three colors $15.00.



Officer Cuevas And Officer Justice

    (Before school and After school) When arriving at school and during dismissal parents are to refrain from dropping off students along SW 18th Ave on the stretch. Stopping along the roadway and parking in front of the homes along sw 18th Ave is a traffic violation and violators are subject to $165 fine. Traffic enforcement is going to begin November 20th and violators will be cited.