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Information regarding students with IEPs that are mainstreamed:

We wanted to remind you of some very important information/resources available that your child can really benefit from.  Students with an IEP  can utilize our ESE testing room and the academic support room to help them be successful.  Your child has access to the testing room any period of the day, with teacher’s permission, located in room 709.  There will always be a support facilitator present, and students will be able to access their extra time and testing accommodations in a small group setting.   In addition, we also have the ESE academic support room.  If your child is falling behind on assignments, needs help with homework, or needs extra support in any academic subject, they can go to room 711 where there will be support facilitators to assist them.

If you have any questions or you would like to discuss any concerns your child is experiencing with academics and/or social emotional, please reach out to your child's assigned support facilitator (information below) or have your child visit the academic support room.

Here are the assigned individuals for each grade level (there may be some discrepancies but for the most part you can follow this list):

12th Grade:  Mr. C. Goodman,

11th Grade: Mr. Giummule,

10th Grade:  Ms. Glott,

 9th Grade:  Ms. Mason,


ESE Secretary: Ms. Crum,
ESE Specialist:  Ms. Coicou,
ESE Administrator:  Ms. Natale,
ESE Office Phone Number to reach/leave message for any of the above: 754-322-2311

Remember that we also encourage all our students to participate in at least one of the following to help them with their high school experience:  athletics, activities, clubs, mentoring (receiving or giving), tutoring, and so much more.  Visit our website for more details on how students can get involved.