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Parking Decals will go on sale beginning Wednesday, August 14 in Student Affairs.  Please see Ms. Litcofsky.  Payments must be made online first in the amount of $60.  You must bring with you a completed application, proof of payment, a copy of your license, insurance and registration to receive a decal.  Both your decal and parking space number will match.  This is the ONLY spot you will park in for the year.  The Parking Decal is a sticker and must be affixed to the rear window at the bottom left-hand corner.  The sticker is not transferrable to other cars. 

Please Note:  ALL obligations must be cleared first before purchase of a decal.


***Parking Decals MUST be purchased by Friday, September 6!!!  Beginning Monday, September 9 you will not be able to park on campus without a decal.***

 Pay for Parking Decal HERE