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Spring Dual Enrollment at BC Signups are open!

New Students will need to act quickly, as the process to be tested will take time.


This process must be completed EVERY semester you wish to take BC Courses (New and Continuing)


Must have a minimum, CURRENT un-weighted GPA of a 3.0-CHECK VIRTUAL COUNSELOR! (Students must ALWAYS maintain this min. gpa to continue).

Must have qualifying test scores: SAT, ACT, or ACCUPLACER

Must have PERMISSION from counselor (Must be on track with ALL credits, have passing FSA/ELA AND ALG. EOC scores)

Must make a C or better in each DE/EA class to continue


Grades and credits earned through Dual Enrollment or Early Admissions will appear on your high school and college transcript. These courses count in your college gpa!

A “D” or “F” grade will result in never being allowed to DE/EA again and will negatively impact your college admissions!

Students do not get to choose their lunch period.

Dual Enrollment DOES NOT guarantee a parking decal.

Must provide your own transportation and students may not remain on campus when you do not have a WBHS class scheduled.


9-11 Graders can take 1 DE course per Fall/Spring semesters. Seniors can take 1-2 courses per Fall/Spring semesters. All students are only permitted one class in any Summer semester. EA students must take a minimum of 12 and max. of 18 credits each semester (Fall and Spring). All students are limited to 60 credits max. That includes ALL AP, AICE, IB, DE/EA and CLEP credits.

STEPS TO FOLLOW: (Continuing students start at #3)

1. *Sign up for the REMIND messages (New students) This is REQUIRED! (Text to 81010 and type: @dual2021 in the message box). The remind system is limited to STUDENTS ONLY.

2. Create your BC account: Go to (Select Apply Now>Apply to Broward College>New Students. Create your login and complete the online application. Choose Credit when it says, “Are you a credit seeking student?” Select #5 under Enrollment Intention, click submit. **Make note of your BC User ID, Password, BC ID#, and BC email address. Your BC email address will be used for all communications/transactions.

3. Email your counselor to notify them of your intent to enroll in Spring classes.

Your email MUST include the following:

Your First and Last Name

DOB: mm/dd/yyyy

Your WB Student #

Your BC ID#

Your BC email address

Your personal email address

Whether you are a New or Continuing BC student

** New students: you will need to let your counselor know if you have qualifying test scores already, or if you need to test. If you need to test, your counselor will email you instructions to take the ACCUPLACER TEST online. Keep in mind, you must pass all portions of the test BEFORE you proceed. This is not a quick process so please plan ahead!!

Counselor’s email addresses:

9th Graders: Mr. Porto

10th – 12th Graders A-Gl: Mrs. Fernandez

10th – 12th Graders Go-O: Mrs. Brown-Cooper

10th – 12th Graders P- Z: Mrs. Bellamy

4. Your counselor will verify your eligibility and respond to your email with instructions to access the Dual Enrollment Recommendation Form. You will be required to complete the Student portion of this form and you **MUST list 8 possible DE courses**. The list of approved courses is there, as a link you can click on within the form. Be aware that the courses listed on this sheet and the number of credits approved, are the ONLY courses/credits you will be able to register for in Spring. You must also list your Parent’s email, so the form can be routed to them for approval. It is imperative that you spell your parent’s email correctly or they will never receive the form. This form will be routed to your parent for Parent approval and then to your Counselor for their approval.

5. Your DE Online Recommendation Form must be completed by you and approved by your parent, no later than Friday, October 2nd at 3 PM. Then your counselor will be able to view and approve it online.

6. Once your form has been approved by your parent, counselor and BC, you will receive an email (in your BC account) with confirmation of your 8 possible approved courses for Spring.

7. Register for your class(es) through your BC account. The date you may begin registering is October 28th, 2020.

8. BC class allowable times: Do not schedule BC classes that interfere with your schedule here! Allowable class times for Continuing students are anything that NEVER interferes with any WB class (2 PM and beyond if you have no 4th and no 8th period). For NEW students, allowable class times are 3:15 PM and beyond. Fully online and weekend classes are also permitted for all.

9. Students must submit a copy of their BC schedule to their school counselor. Retrieve schedule from MyBC>Registration>MySchedule. Save as a PDF and email to your counselor.

10. You are REQUIRED to consult with your counselor prior to dropping a BC course.

11. You MUST obtain ALL course materials (books, access codes, etc.) one week prior to class beginning or within the first week of class. You will not be allowed to obtain materials after that (you would have to purchase materials). Instructions for obtaining your course materials will be emailed to your BC email prior to the semester starting. You must follow the instructions. Should you have any issues, contact info. is found on the instruction sheet. You shouldn’t have to pay for these materials, unless you missed the deadline to obtain them.

For further information including a list of approved courses and accessibility resources, please visit

ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: Friday, October 2nd, 2020 at 3:00 PM NO EXCEPTIONS!



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