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West Broward nominates this year’s boys soccer All-Stars

The key to a truly successful team lies in the players. Their attitude and determination can make or break the cohesion of the team. However, some athletes not only play incredibly well, but their good attitude can bring a team together, and whose sheer willpower can inspire others to succeed. Every year, these players selected around the county are invited to be part of an All-Star Team. This year, those athletes are Ethan Centino and Carey McLeod.

Seniors Recognized as Boys Basketball All-Star Players for Broward

This year, seniors from across all Broward County were selected by their coaches to be part of the All-Star Team. Out of the three seniors in the West Broward Boys Basketball team, senior point guard Earl Mayes and senior small forward Alton Griggs were selected by Coach Michael Bentivegna to be part of the BCAA Boys All-Star Basketball team this year