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Testing Information for Dual Enrollment/Early Admission

There are several different tests that can qualify a student for Dual Enrollment or Early Admission: 

SAT, ACT, PERT (not administered at WB or BC), ACCUPLACER (BC's placement test which can be taken online or in person). 

Any student interested in DE/EA MUST have a current 3.0 unweighted gpa, and must always maintain this gpa or higher. Students need to check their Virtual Counselor Graduation Information page for their current unweighted gpa. 

There are major changes to testing for DE/EA: 

     1. Testing is available year- round, but there are deadlines for enrollment for each semester. 

     2. New qualifying scores as of 10/25/22. Visit

     3. Fees are involved for testing (see flyer below for details and to register and/or schedule). 

Placement Testing Fee Flyer

In order to begin the process of testing, students must create a BC account and have a BC ID. Please visit

Click on "New Students" and follow "Steps for Enrollment." 

Students may use multiple tests to qualify, but must have minimum qualifying scores from all three subject areas; English, Reading and Math. Testing is required to initially qualify but it does not have to repeated unless student needs to meet a pre-requisite (typically for math courses). 

We highly recommend interested students start the process of testing long before enrollment deadlines for each semester. Late registrations are not allowed for any reason. Please see your school counselor if you have any questions and to get on our DE/EA remind.