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Campus Traffic Map & Single Point Entry

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Please know that the layout of the campus has only one approved entry and exit traffic flow for a safe and orderly student arrival routine. 

The Single Point Entry is located through the main gates on the east side of campus.

  • All parent/student/community traffic must enter from Pines Blvd and NW 209th Ave.
  • Students with approved parking permits may enter the Student Lot (C) from Pines Blvd and NW 210th Ave.
  • Johnson Street and NW 209th entry is for SCHOOL BUSES and SCHOOL STAFF with permit only. This gate will close in the morning when the last bus has arrived for student drop off.
  • NW 209th Avenue is a private road owned by SBBC and is not to be used as a through street between Pines Blvd and Johnson St.
  • Visitors may use marked "Visitor" spaces in the Staff Lot (marked "B" on the east side of campus).
  • Staff Lots (A, B, and D) are for staff w/permit parking only.
  • No student parking or traffic is allowed outside of Student Lot (C).
  • All staff, students, parents, and community will be directed to enter through the Single Point Entry main gates, regardless of parking lot used.

The Parent Loop enters campus from Pines Blvd and 209th Ave.

  • The sidewalk along the front of school (east side) is the ONLY DESIGNATED AREA FOR STUDENT SAFETY at arrival and dismissal.
  • For student and staff safety - no parent traffic is permitted to drive through the Staff Lot (B).
  • Visitors needing to park in the "Visitor" spots in Staff Lot (B), may enter through the south end of the parent loop, before exiting the loop.

Please be advised:

  • The warehouses on the north side of Johnson Street and the Post Office on the south side of campus will tow any person who illegally park in their areas.
  • Please know that Pembroke Pines PD often monitors Johnson Street to ensure traffic is moving in a safe and orderly manner.
  • No student, for any reason, may park in any campus lot during the school day without an approved student parking permit.

traffic map