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Exam Exemption Form and Information

  • Midterm Exemptions Timeline 22-23
    • Midterm Calendar and Bell Schedule
  • Student Parent Instructions
    • Please read and review these instructions carefully
  • Dismissal Form *Midterms Only*
    • The purpose of this form is to obtain the parent/guardian’s dismissal permission. The parent/guardian MUST be the one to fill out this form and sign the form below. On the day(s) a student has finished their morning midterm exam and has an exemption/personalization for the afternoon exam, the student may be released from school with parental/ guardian authorization as given by this form. A new form must be completed and submitted each time a student is to be released during midterms. The form must be filled out completely and a clear copy of parent/guardian ID must be attached in order for the student to be allowed off campus. Students will only be permitted to leave at the conclusion of the first midterm period and prior to the start of the next exam period.

Student Microsoft/Clever Account Details

  • Username:
  • Password: Your clever password
    *Default: Pmm/dd/yyy


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