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Caseline Pierre-Jean is the winner of January 2020 " Do The Right Thing " Award

 One of the educators at Dave Thomas, Sandi Oscar, nominated her to be a Do The Right Thing of Coconut Creek award winner.

   Back on December 3rd Mrs. Oscar unknowingly dropped her wallet in the school parking lot. Another teacher, and the school’s SRO, Officer Fitzpatrick, were both near her at the time and didn’t notice it. It was full of cash, credit cards, everything that would be tempting to take if the wrong person found it. But luckily the right person did.

   Caseline discovered it in the parking lot and found Mrs. Oscar’s driver’s license inside, recognizing her as an instructor at the school. She went straight to Mrs. Oscar at the school’s morning concession stand and gave it back to her. Mrs. Oscar said she had yet to even realize it was missing.

   Officer Fitzpatrick calls Caseline’s actions “extremely honorable” and that she is a “class act.” He said he noticed Caseline’s hard working father, a local cab driver who has picked up and dropped off Caseline several times before at the school. Officer Fitzpatrick says it’s easy to see that Caseline learned her honesty and integrity from her outstanding family. He says one of the things he loves most about his job is watching as students like Caseline show time and time again why they are exceptional young people.