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Assistant Principal

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Dear Parrot Scholars, Parents and all Stakeholders,


Welcome to Coconut Palm Elementary, "Home of the Proud and Persevering Parrots." I am both delighted and proud to be part of the leadership team. You can be guaranteed that the development and achievement of your child will always be at the heart of all we do each day. Together we can cultivate a growth mindset in our students by fostering grit, confidence and positive expectations. As a school we can provide a stimulating curriculum tailored to support student achievement while addressing the individual needs of our scholars. The places we can and will go are endless!

Camaraderie between parents, school and all stakeholders will be far-reaching in developing all facets of our scholars. Collaboratively, we can support a safe, secure environment which nurtures students not being afraid of taking chances. A positive attitude that nurtures confidence is imperative for student achievement. At Coconut Palm we believe in the power of "yet." We may not know now, not yet, but we will!

Please take the time to become involved in your scholar's education. There are numerous opportunities to attend parent workshops and meetings. In addition, please consider volunteering your time and talent to promote the development and overall positive experience we strive to provide daily.

Please remember, your scholar is greatly influenced by the importance you, as their parents, place on their education. Together, we can move mountains by uniting in our efforts to prioritize education as the key to success in their lives.

I look forward to working with you and our dedicated educators as we empower your child to reach their full potential and attain educational success. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Know my door is always open.


Educationally yours,

Stephanie Reyes

AP Ms Reyes