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Mission and Beliefs

Mission Statement

“To promote excellence in academic, career, and technical studies in order to prepare students to enter and remain competitive in a global workforce”

Our Beliefs

  • Ensuring an optimum teaching and learning environment which sets high expectations and enables students to reach their maximum potential
  • Integrating applied academics into technical training
  • Integrating human, physical, and technical resources to obtain educational excellence
  • Providing an academically challenging and skill-oriented environment
  • Giving appropriate attention to student learning outcomes and responding to students as individuals
  • Providing the best occupational education possible for any individual
  • Providing an education that enables student to become productive members of the workforce and community
  • Attracting, enrolling, and retaining a secondary and postsecondary student body which reflects our diverse society
  • Encouraging and fostering partnerships among occupational programs, the business community, and industry