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Wingate Oaks Center Volunteer Named Florida's 2019 Senior Volunteer of the Year

Wingate Oaks Center Volunteer Named Florida's 2019 Senior Volunteer of the Year


Congratulations to Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) Volunteer Ora Lee Greene for being named Florida’s 2019 Outstanding Senior Volunteer of the Year for the South Florida Region.

Ora Lee Greene began volunteering in 1994 at Wingate Oaks Center with students who have multiple disabilities, including significant cognitive impairments, physical disabilities, and hearing or vision loss. Student by student, she has changed their lives by providing guidance, coaching and a heavy dose of love as they learn and grow.

Grandma Ora Lee, as she is affectionately called, works with the students individually to support acquisition of communication skills, often with assistive technology, sitting next to children who have difficulty redirecting themselves and helping them throughout both content area lessons and group Speech Therapy. When Grandma Ora Lee started working as a Foster Grandparent, she wanted to “be able to make a difference in the life of one child.”

Greene was recently honored at the School Board meeting on June 25, 2019, during a special presentation in recognition of Florida School Volunteer Appreciation Month. The special presentation was attended by individuals who were eager to honor Grandma Ora Lee, including Wingate Oaks Center Principal Donald Cottrell. “It took me about 30 seconds to understand what Wingate Oaks had in Grandma Ora Lee,” said Cottrell. “She is the Grandma that every child deserves.”

BCPS celebrates Ora Lee Greene, who shows that volunteering at 95-year-old is possible once you have a heart to serve.