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GELC Teacher's Virtual Class Schedules & Support Information

Early Head Start Infant Class               M-F 10:00-1:00           Zoom at 11:00 daily

Ms. Tamara, Lead CDA                                                                    
Ms. Monika, CDA
Ms. Arlene, CDA

Early Head Start Toddler Class              M-F 8:30-11:30           Zoom M-Th at 9:30

Ms. Mary, Lead CDA
Ms. Carmen, CDA
Ms. Velma, CDA

Head Start 3 Yr. Old Class                     M-F 10:30-1:30           Zoom at 8:15 daily

Ms. Gonzalez, Teacher
Ms. Rosario, Teacher Assistant

Head Start 4 Yr. Old Class                     M-F 12:00-3:00           Zoom at 8:00 daily

Ms. Burroughs, Teacher                                                 
Mr. Feuer, Teacher Assistant
Ms. Barouna, Reading Corps Tutor

VPK Class                                               M-F 10:00-1:00           Zoom at 8:00 daily

Ms. Munoz, Teacher                                                        Ms. Garcia, Teacher Assistant

VPK Class                                               M-F 10:00-1:00           Zoom at 8:00 daily

Ms. Tompkins, Teacher 
Ms. Munroe, Sub/TA
Ms. Coreasha, Reading Corps Lead Tutor

Leadership Team                 

Ms. Moss, Site Administrator                     M-F 8:00-2:00 
Cell Phone: Please text 850-544-1550

Mr. Layne Polakoff, Curriculum Supervisor  M-F 8:00-2:00            

Dr. Canning, Executive Director                 M-F 8:00-2:00            

Parent Educator (Early Head Start & Head Start Only):  Ms. Mercedes will contact families periodically as needed. 

Technology Assistance:  Gulfstream Early Learning Center does not have a micro computer technician.  Instead, please call the district Instructional Technology Help Desk for log on assistance at 754-321-0411.  Please have your child’s student number ready when you call.