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GELC Technology Device & Resources Distribution Schedule

Due to the CoVid Pandemic and the closing of our school campus, we will be starting the year with an eLearning Virtual Environment for our students and families.  Students should log into Canvas and participate in live instruction via Teams daily.  If you do not have a device (computer or tablet) at home and need a device for your child, we will have one available for pick up at the center.  We also have resources available for pick up, including books, construction paper, crayons, and play dough.  Students who received a device from our school last year and are still enrolled should keep the device from last year, but still come to pick up the home resources. 

Park in the East FRONT LOT at Gulfstream ELC and come to the front of the school

Monday, August 17

VPK Classes  (Tompkins and Munoz)             12:00

Head Start 4 Classes (Burroughs and Irvin)    1:00

Head Start 3 Classes (Gonzalez and Mary)      2:00

Devices for Early Head Start students will be provided in Early September. 

            Please wear a mask when visting the school campus!