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In Memory...

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Coconut Creek Elementary Community,

It is with great sadness that I must inform you of the passing of one of our beloved teachers, Mr. Gordon Groff. He passed away in NC in the loving care of his family.

Mr. Groff lovingly taught students at our school for more than 30 years. A few weeks ago, he went out on leave to deal with some health issues. No one could have known then that he would pass away so soon from cancer. He loved the Coconut Creek community with his whole heart. He treated the school as his home.

At this time, we cannot plan a celebration of his life. Rest assured, however, when we return to school, we will do just that. Please know that if your child, upon hearing of his death, needs assistance coping or processing his passing, we are here. Please let your child’s teacher know and they will contact Ms. Donaghy who will either contact you or will have a district mental health counselor contact you.

I’ve said many times after learning of his Illness that above all else, Mr. Groff was kind. As we navigate the sometimes-untenable time we are in now, please try to remember that Mr. Groff taught us that no matter what life brings our way, we can always find a way to be kind.

Thank you and be well.

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