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CCES Fall Picture Day

2020/2021 Picture Day

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We will be having Picture Day on Monday, Feb. 22nd for children learning face-to-face, and Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, for students learning from home. 

Attached, you will find the schedule for parents to bring in their children that are learning from home on Tuesday, Feb. 23rd.


Here are the procedures for the 23rd (Home Learners):

1. Parents will bring their child to the front of the school at the time listed on the schedule. Please be on time.

2. The child will be escorted into the building to take a picture.

3. Parents will remain in their car and pick up their child on the north side of campus. (Kindergarten Car Line). 

Please note: pictures are voluntary. Parents of home learners have the option of bringing their child(ren) to campus on the 23rd if they choose to.

*For multiple children, please choose one of your children's times to come.  

Below you will find the order form. Parents may order online or send their children in with the exact amount. We can provide the printed order form to the child if money is sent in. Change cannot be provided. Face-to-face students are bringing home a printed order form, however, orders can be placed online as well. If online orders are placed within five days of the picture date, there will be free shipping.

Some other housekeeping items:

1. Gates open at 8:00 am for student arrival.

2. Please refrain from dropping off forgotten items i.e., lunch, HW, etc. due to Covid restrictions. Please note: all students are still receiving free breakfast and lunch in our school cafeteria. 


Picture Day Schedule

Picture Day Flyer

Picture Day Price Guide