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BCPS Annual Stakeholder Survey (2020)

BCPS will be using the eProve Surveys as the 2020 Stakeholder Survey.  These surveys ask stakeholders their opinions about their school, including their teachers, administrators, their peers, and other aspects of their experiences at school. The surveys will be available online only and will be available in multiple languages. We reviewed all survey administration procedures with schools at the School Improvement Training for Quarter 3.
Administration Window:  March 2, 2020 -  April 30, 2020 

Survey Links and Process:   
• Parent Survey:
Send the survey message with the codes to parents and post on the school websiteSince the survey is only online, please make computers available for parents who may not have access to the internet.  Asking parents to complete surveys at a school event has been a successful survey administration practice
• School Staff Survey
Surveys taken in a group setting such as a faculty meeting generally have a positive effect on the completion rate.

• Student Survey Code for Middle and High (grades 6-12):
It is best to assign a specific subject area to be responsible for survey completion.
Survey Message for all Stakeholders:  In an effort to improve System Practices, the Broward County School District is conducting a Stakeholder Survey for all parents, students, and staff.   We value your opinion and ask that you please take time
to complete this survey.  Please be assured that your responses to this survey will be anonymous. Your honest opinion is appreciated. Thank you for taking your time to complete the survey.