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Parents, by now you should have heard your child speaking to you about I-Ready. 

I-Ready is a computer-based program that integrates effective and engaging instruction in reading and math to address students’ individual needs. 

It empowers teachers to make informed instructional decisions and it motivates students by allowing them to access their own personalized path to growth and increased achievement in reading and math. 

Every student at Crystal Lake has an I-Ready account and can access I-Ready from wherever they are through the internet using a tablet or computer.

Students have been working in I-Ready since the beginning of the school year and beginning tomorrow November 19th,

Crystal Lake is encouraging every student to join the CLMS I-Ready Challenge! 

Students must use I-Ready in both reading and math a minimum of 45 minutes per week and have a minimum of 70% passage rate on the I-Ready Assessments.  

There will be weekly, monthly and quarterly incentives for students who meet the I-Ready challenge, and at the end of the school year, the grade level with the highest I-Ready usage and passage rate will have a big field day with food, drinks and entertainment!! 

Make sure your child has joined the Challenge! 




Great News! CLMS was one of the top 3 schools in Broward with the highest passage rate increase in both ELA and Math on I-Ready last month! Research indicates that students who show growth on I-Ready have a 75% or more chance of making gains on the FSA taken in May.

Parents please continue to encourage your child to take advantage of this learning resource. Participating students will earn rewards in our school-wide I-Ready challenge by increasing their time spent on I-Ready by having more than 45 minutes of usage weekly with a 75% or higher pass rate. Keep steady on I-Ready!