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Arrival and Early Dismissal Procedures

Arrival and Early Dismissal Procedures

This school year, we’ve initiated new arrival and early dismissal procedures that our parents and stakeholders are required to follow.

Student supervision begins at 8:30AM, and the PARENT LOOP drop off will remain locked until 8:30AM.

If you drop your child off before 8:30AM, they will have to remain outside of the gates until the parent loop gate opens.

Students who walk to school will be permitted on campus beginning at 8:30AM.

Bus riders begin arriving at 8:30AM and are dropped off on campus in the bus loop.

If you must pick your child up before 3:30PM, you will need to call the front office when you arrive at the parent loop, and a staff member will open the gates for you.

Please allow for extra time, as it will take a few minutes before opening the gates.

We appreciate your understanding and patience.