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Attention Graduates!

Our Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation Ceremony is now available on-demand. The link below will allow our Spartan families to view the graduation ceremony as well as download the video at no charge.


Congratulations, Spartan Class of 2020! You have reached the finish line! The Spartan Family is filled with pride as we see you off into your next phase of life. Whether heading to college, trade school or university, joining the workforce, or enlisting in a branch of the United States Military, we are confident that your futures will be bright and filled with abundant success. Please keep in touch and remain an active Hollywood Hills High School alum! As you know...Once a Spartan, ALWAYS a Spartan! Take a few moments to watch this farewell video created by STV. Included in this video are inspirational poems by Samuel Davis, a Class of 2020 graduate and semi-finalist in this year's Louder than a Bomb Spoken Word Poetry Competition, and Mr. Darius Daughtry, the Creative Director and Founder of the Art Prevails Project. Listen to their messages and take their advice to heart! Remember to never underestimate your power, never silence your voice, and to always be your best self! We love you, Spartans! Now get out there and change the world! ❤️


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