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Yearbooks 2021

Yearbook sale

Did your student miss in-person portraits?
They can still be pictured in the yearbook!
This year you can submit an AT-HOME STUDENT PORTRAIT.
Photos must be submitted no later than APRIL 19th
Make sure you follow the instructions and provide all information to be included in the yearbook.
Step 1: Name picture file with grade, last name and
first name. Example: 02_Doe_Jane.jpg
Step 2: Only send file type JPG, JPEG or TIF
Step 3: Include the following in the body of the e-mail:
- Student’s Name (First Name, Last Name)
- Grade
- Teacher’s last name
Step 4: E-mail picture to
1. Photo must show the head and shoulders. Think
passport or driver’s license style.
2. The head must face the camera directly with the full
face in view, centered in the frame. No side profile
3. The photo must be of the student or staff member
and no one else. No photo-bombing or group selfies.
4. Remove sunglasses, hats and anything else that
obstructs the view of the face.
6. Submit a plain color image. No black-and-white or
filtered photos.
7. No backlit lighting from windows or lights. Take
photo in well-lit space. Choose solid color
8. No hand signs or gestures.
10. Take the picture as a vertical image. No square or
horizontal photos.
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