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Nova Blanche Forman Unified Dress Code Policy

Nova Blanche Forman Unified Dress Code Policy
Students may wear the following:
Tops: Students may wear Polo-style shirts, turtleneck shirts, collar blouses or school T-shirts. All tops must have sleeves and collars and be in a SOLID school color (with the exception of the Nova T-shirt). The colors for tops are: white, navy, yellow, black, and hunter green. It is not necessary to have emblems on the shirts.
Bottoms: Students may wear cotton twill long pants, knee length shorts, skirts, jumpers, Capri pants or skorts. Girls may also wear skirts and jumpers. A belt is optional as long as the pants are worn properly at the waist. Jeans may be worn on Fridays or the last day of the school week with a school shirt. The colors for bottoms are: khaki, navy, black, and hunter green.
Students can wear jackets, sweatshirts, vests or sweaters with an approved Nova shirt underneath.
Elementary students may NOT wear backless shoes. Sneakers are recommended.
No article of clothing or jewelry that may cause injury, such as belts, bracelets, wallet chains, collars with spikes or heavy link chains are allowed.