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The Future of Public Education Is In Grave Danger!!!

Dear Colleagues,
Governor Scott will be receiving a bill that was passed by the Florida Legislature earlier this month. 
This bill will be devastating to public education by:
·        Forcing the District to share local tax revenue with charter schools, including for profit entities. Next year, this will take $13 million from the BCPS classrooms and over the course of the  next five years the financial impact could be up to $125 million.
·        Changing turnaround options for public education. This may impact 18 BCPS schools and will remove the School Board’s constitutional authority to manage schools. 
·        Impacting district-wide Title I programs which serve our most fragile students.
Please contact the Governor and urge him to VETO House Bill 7069.
You can contact him using the below resources:
·        Send an e-mail using []LEAOR, the District’s online advocacy tool to the Governor.
·        Send a postcard to the Governor.
·        Send a personalized e-mail to the Governor.
·        Call the Governor’s office: (850) 717-9337
·        Add your message to the 7069 frame and share it on social media.
·        Share the 7069 fact sheet on social media.
For more information regarding House Bill 7069 please click here.