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Spring Picture Access & Ordering Process

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Spring Picture Access & Ordering Process

To get the Portrait ID and Access Code, you have 2 options.

1. Call 1-800-736-4753 (Option 6) or

2. Go to and in the bottom left corner click on the “LIVE CHAT” button.


Once you have the 2 codes, please follow the steps below to access the pictures.

  • • Go to and enter the Portrait ID.


  • Once you enter the Portrait ID, then the Access Code and Last Name box will open up for entry.


  • Click on “Order More Portraits or Products”


  • A box will appear with your child’s proof, along with their name and grade. Click on “Confirm & Continue”


  • You are now ready to Shop & Order.


  • Click on PHOTOS & GIFTS and start your order.


If you have questions, please use the Live Chat Function or call 1-800-736-4753.

All orders will be shipped to the home address that you provide during the order.

Picture ID Code:  EVT8W3XNX