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5th Grade - June 2, 2020 - Parents may pick up students' items

Greetings Parents,

Quiet Waters Elementary 5 th Grade Pick-Up of Materials and Drive-By Celebration Tuesday, June 2, 2020

• All cars will enter through the Bus Loop entrance. This entrance is to the west of the main entrance.

• Parents have your trunk open; also post your student’s name and teacher’s name in the front window of the car.

• In the Bus Loop, QWE staff will place the student’s belongings in the trunk and retrieve library books and/or Safety Patrol Belts

• Parents you will continue to follow a designated path through the parking lot and leave through the main exit.

• Parents as you drive through the staff will cheer, have posters/signs, music will be playing, celebrating the student’s completion of 5th grade.

• The times that the classes are to arrive at school have been staggered to avoid traffic congestion entering the parking lot.

• Parents and students cannot park and/or get out of their car

• Parents and students will not be allowed to park off campus and walk onto campus to collect their belongings.

Class Drive Through Order:

• 8:30 am – Chaison & Tully

• 8:50 am – Werner & Wessinger

• 9:10 am – McCullough & Moran

• 9:30 am – Pinzon, Sester & Flaxman