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Student Planners are On Sale Now for $6!

MSD Student Planners are On Sale Now
Cost: $6

The planners include this year's Silver/Burgundy Calendar, monthly calendars, weekly calendars, as well as some handy reference materials. In the front we have included the regular daily bell schedule, the early release bell schedule, the PSD bell schedule, a map of the school and how to calculate a semester grade. In the back there are reference materials for each subject - punctuation and MLA format for English; formulas, angles, shapes, etc for Math; metric conversion tables, physics formulas, the periodic table, and weights and measurements for Science; the bill of rights, a world map, and a US map for Social Studies.

Planners are $6. Students can pay in cash in room 236 (any time of day), or pay online in the estore.  Newspaper students will deliver the planners to the students the next day. 

Planner Front Planner Inside Planner Inside Planner Reference