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Reopening of School Details and FAQs


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Good afternoon Eagles:  I know that many of you have questions related to the re-opening of school next month and what that will look like at MSD.  This serves to provide you with some detailed information related to these questions.

Our school schedule will revert to our standard schedule of 7:40 am until 2:40 pm, starting on October 14th for ALL students.

According to current school board recommendations, our school schedule will revert to our standard schedule of 7:40 am until 2:40 pm, starting on October 14th for ALL students. ​We will have a phased reopening with 9th graders being offered the opportunity to return to campus to continue their e-learning, and grades 10-12 will be offered the opportunity to return to campus on October 20th.

Students will start their first class at 7:40 and will follow their regular class schedule.  Students who are on campus will change classes and rooms every period. 

Students on campus will be required to wear a face mask for the duration of time on campus.  Additionally, if your child utilizes Broward County School transportation they must wear a face mask during the duration of their transit.

Students on campus will eat lunch in the cafeteria and individual seating will be available.

Due to CDC guidelines and social distancing requirements, classrooms will only be able to house 12-14 students per class period.  Because of the complexity of the high school schedule, some classes may be larger than others and necessitate the use of an “overflow” room, where students will be removed from the regular classroom to adhere to CDC guidelines.  They will continue their e-learning in this overflow room for that specific class period only.

All students, whether continuing e-learning at home or on MSD’s campus, will have the same learning opportunities and experiences.  We will continue to deliver instruction via TEAMS and Canvas.  There will be no activities or learning experiences conducted on campus that cannot or are not conducted at home.

The learning between on-site and at-home students will be synchronous. 

Students who opt to return to MSD’s campus will be required to bring their school-issued or personal laptop and charging cord every day.

Please know that because of our size, the number of students requesting to return to campus may require us to host multiple sessions, where groups of students are only able to return to campus on specific days and other groups are able to return on alternate days.

Students who have selected on-campus learning but do not adhere to the guidelines and requirements, will return to e-learning at home for the remainder of the semester and no longer be afforded the opportunity to attend e-learning on campus.

The re-opening survey is open and available on your child’s SSO launchpad. You must complete this survey for EACH child in your home attending a Broward School no later than 9/29.  Failure to complete the survey will lock your child into e-learning at home for the semester.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your child’s administrator.


How to Access the Survey to Indicate Your Intention (Screenshots Below)

1. Go to Clever at

2. Click on the Survey (as pictured below) in the language you prefer

3. Enter your and password to Log In

4. Read through the information and indicate your choice, then click submit


Select the Survey from the Language Options

Log In

Survey Choices