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District World Languages High school Academic Competition 2023

We would like to share with you that MSD had another exciting and valuable experience in the District World Languages High School Academic competition on Saturday, March 4th.   Our students performed very well in all the categories they participated in: declamation, impromptu speech, talent, poster, projects and media projects.
They obtained mostly first places and a few second and third places. 
We are very proud of them, the list of students is below:
Julianna Webster        Saskia Saint-Louis            Gabriella Campos 
Lucia Perez                   Isabelle Rivera               Luisa Acosta 
Sara Calderon           Ivanna Bohorquez            Victoria Damaso              
Charlotte James         Liz Chkliar Marrero             Kamaira Fletcher
Aidan Tau              Lisa Navarro                Carson Fair
Logan Weitzner         Julia Santos                 Katie DellaCava
Emma Zayas            Aiden Tuite                  Yuan Niki
Mia Stein              Valeria Anzures               Brianna Bango
Madisson Hamilton     Lynn Soivilus                  Andie Korenge
Isabelle Feldman       Frederique Faucher             Julia Castro-Videla
Paola Romero          Madeline Shoulders