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AICE Cambridge Information & Application

We are very excited to announce that we are officially a Cambridge school starting the 2024-25 school year.  As we start planning for the next school year, we have provided you with a wealth of information regarding the program.  Below are updated presentation from our Cambridge Parent Night.

Cambridge Night Presentation - Incoming 9th and 10th graders

Cambridge Night Presentation - Incoming 11th and 12th graders

Cambridge One Pager - Quick Reference Sheet

AICE Cambridge Application Links 

Incoming 9th and 10th grade students in the 2024-25 school year will have the ability to apply for the AICE Cambridge Diploma track.  The application to be added to the AICE Cambridge Diploma track is below.  The application is lengthy and will require the upload of Pinnacle grades, as well as a completed AICE Planning Sheet which is linked below and also in the Microsoft Form.  Use the Pre-Requisites document to ensure you have the pre-requisites necessary to enroll in the courses each year we plan to deploy them.

AICE Cambridge Application for Incoming 10th graders (current MSD students)

AICE Cambridge Application for Incoming 9th graders (current Westglades, Coral Springs, or other BCPS Public School students)

Students enrolling from a private/charter school will be provided an application at their registration meeting.  Appointments are arranged with guidance - contact them at 754-322-2174.

Note: all information regarding the AICE Cambridge Program is in a tentative state and course options may change. 


Take a Look at Previous AICE Exams/Course Descriptions for Each Course to Know What the Course Will Focus On:

The previous exams are called "Papers".  When you click into the course you're interested in, click on "Past Papers, examiner reports and specimen papers".