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Advertisement Banners

Please review the updated information regarding banners for the 24-25 school year.
We have two locations to place banners at Sunset Lakes Elementary. The first location is on 184 and the price is $400.00. The second location is on 25th Street (inside the school campus) and the price is $350.00. Once you select the location of your banner you must make your payment on our school's eStore. Please use this link for Sunset Lakes Elementary eStore: Please note the maximum size for the banner is 4 feet x 6 feet and you must provide zip ties when you drop off your banner. Each school year, you must renew using our eStore for your banner to be displayed. Once you make the payment, you can drop the banner off at the school and place the name (Kaitlyn Docekal) on the banner. We will have our wonderful custodial staff place the banner in the location you purchased. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kaitlyn Docekal via email at Thank you for your continued support!