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Updated Safety Procedures- Reminder

Effective immediately, the front entrance to our school is locked.  In order to enter the building, please call (754) 322-8700 and security will permit you in as well as sign you into our security STAR system.  This system will be in place from 7:30 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. each day.  
Signage is already posted on the door in various languages.  This same signage is district-wide.
Please understand that our dismissal procedures are in place and must be followed.  Our team will continue to focus on student and staff safety..often causing what seems to be inconvenient.  If your child is a CAR RIDER, then they will be supervised in the designated hallway and released once we see your cardash displayed and in your vehicle.  Walkers will not be released from theses hallways.  All WALKERS will be escorted to the grassy area and released per parent/guardian wishes.  If the plan changes due to inclement weather, then we will have a Rainy Day Dismissal and communicate through REMIND.  
Thank you for your continued cooperation.