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Important ECE Parent Information 2019-2020

Embassy Creek Elementary

2019 – 2020

Important Parent Information

Everyone is excited to start another great year at Embassy Creek Elementary!  Please remember, the first day of school for students will begin promptly at 8:00 A.M. on Wednesday, August 14th.  In preparation for this year, there are several important items that we wish to share with our community. The items of importance for parents are:


Please know that Safety and Security of our students will be our top priority once again at Embassy Creek and across the district.  The following safety and security related “non-negotiables” will be implemented beginning on the first day of school. We understand that these expectations will require a change in behavior and at times may also pose an inconvenience.  However, prioritizing the safety and security of our students and staff is paramount.  We need your help and patience in implementing these expectations.  These non-negotiables are: 

All students and staff members must wear their ID’s at all times on school grounds.  Students new to the school will have their pictures taken early in the school year.  Returning students will receive their badges on the first day of school. 

Once the school day begins, ALL perimeter gates will be secured, and all visitors will have to enter through our main parking gate on the southwest side of the school.   A driver’s license or photo ID must be shown to the campus monitor before entering the parking lot.       

The front doors to the main office can only be opened for visitors, parents and guests if proper identification is shown utilizing the A-phone security system located outside the main doors.  An office staff member will then “buzz” the visitors into the main lobby where parents will register using the Security Tracking and Response System (STAR). 

Embassy will be conducting monthly Code Red drills in addition to other state-required drills.  Appropriate notification will be provided for all Code Red drills. 


Parents, please be advised that parking during the first few weeks of school is very difficult.  Under no circumstances are parents to park in the front parking lot near the office.  If you are planning on escorting your child to class on the first day of school, it is recommended that you carpool and / or park at an offsite location and walk with your child at your own risk.  Proper use of the crosswalks to ensure student safety is expected. 


The school bell rings at 2:00 PM and students have designated areas to report depending on how they are going home. The school’s perimeter gates open at 1:50 PM to begin the dismissal procedures.  Per BSO, cars are not permitted to block traffic on SE Lake Boulevard before 1:50 PM.  Violators will be ticketed. 


Cellular devices (including personal e-devices) are not permitted during the arrival or dismissal process (in car line) or on school grounds as per BCPS’s guidelines and policies.  Parents are asked to PLEASE follow this expectation at all times to help ensure safety for everyone.


Due to the State Class Size Reduction Requirements, students may need to be moved between teachers after the start of school to ensure compliance with the required student limits.  School administration may have to make tough decisions to meet this mandate.  Please know that every student’s placement regardless of the structure of the class is “temporary” until classes are balanced. Parents interested in obtaining additional information on Class Size Reduction can find it available at


Please mark your calendar and plan on attending your child’s Open House.  This will be an opportunity for parents to meet with the teacher and hear all the wonderful things that are planned for this school year.  Just a reminder that Primary Open House (K – 2) is for PARENTS ONLY, no childcare will be provided for this event!  Intermediate Open House will be a joint meeting with the student, parent and teacher and will take place before the school year begins.  The dates are:

Grades 3 – 5:   August 12th at 6:30 PM

(Students & Parents should attend)

Grades K – 2:  August 28th at 6:30 PM (Parents Only)



Parents are asked to review the Code of Student Conduct handbook and complete the required forms by accessing the BTS Wizard on Broward County Public School’s website.  Please complete the forms no later than Friday, August 30th and return the confirmation page to your child’s teacher. 


Anyone interested in volunteering is encouraged to attend our informative Volunteer Orientation Breakfast scheduled for Tuesday, August 27th at 8:30 AM in the cafeteria.  This meeting will explain all the guidelines and procedures to help ensure a successful volunteer experience.  Teachers will not begin utilizing approved classroom volunteers until after this important meeting.  To expedite the process, take time to register as a volunteer by applying online after July 1, 2019 at

Don’t delay as volunteer services estimates a 4 week process for approval. 


That’s right, our kindergarten parents are invited to a Boo-Hoo Breakfast on Friday, August 16th beginning at 8:15 AM.  Kindergarten parents are invited to come to the cafeteria to cry, laugh and enjoy light snacks courtesy of the PTA as their little ones show their independence and make it to class without mom or dad!  Important information will be shared with parents. Don’t miss it!


Friday, August 16th is Independence Day at Embassy Creek Elementary.   The students are encouraged to wear red, white and blue to show their independence and ability to report to their assigned area on their own.  We thank our parents for helping us celebrate this special day.


With safety and security being our highest priority at our school, parents are asked to hold any celebrations outside of the school.  Therefore, cookies, donuts, etc.  are not to be brought into the school to distribute to the rest of the class.  Save these special treats for an after school activity where family and friends can enjoy this birthday celebration together with loved ones. This will also help to ensure that students with food allergies do not accidentally consume treats with allergens.  

Again, Welcome to the start of the 2019 – 2020 school year.  We look forward to seeing “smiling faces” on Wednesday, August 14th.


Robert Becker; Michelle Dolin; Jodi Hoover

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