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Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Guardians and Families of Bayview Elementary School,
It was a pleasure to see so many parents and families enjoying our wonderful ORFF performance as well as our "BinGLOW" PTA event.  Both nights culminated a year-long of activity and we love having student and family involvement.  We also are looking forward to our classroom celebrations and graduations this week.  Today...Grade 5 "kicked off" the week with a day at Birch State Park.  
I-Ready - Summer Usage - Students will continue to have access to their personalized instruction “My Path” lessons through July 29th.  After July 29th, the Broward i-Ready account will be locked for back-to-school preparation and rostering.  It is important to note, students may experience challenges in their "My Path" lessons by progressing into hard content too quickly or overuse.
Incoming Grade Level
Weekly Minutes
Average # of Lessons/Week
30 min/week
 1 lessons/week
30 min/week
 1 lessons/week
30 min/week
 1-2 lessons/week
Last week's winning classes were Ms. Rodgers (K), Ms. Gagne (1st), Mrs. Barcelo (2nd), Ms. Rodriguez (3rd), Mrs. Benson and Mr. Krajewski (4th) and Ms. Barrett (5th).  
Playground Update - Great News...The Buildng Department has issued permits for both shade structures (Playground and Sports Court).  Both structures are moving into manufacturing/production right away.  
Bayview Elementary's 2022-2023 Financial Report - In accordance with Florida law, we are providing you with your child(en)'s school financial report (attached).  The figures in the report represent the revenues and the expenditures allocated to the school, both in total and per FTE (full-time equivalent) student.  The data is compared to the rest of the schools in the district and the state.  The purpose of this report is to inform parents of the resources that were available to the school during the 2022-2-023 school year.  
Class Placements - There are a variety of factors and strategies when creating classes for the new school year.  Knowing your child(ren) best, we welcome parental input.  If providing this to administration, please elaborate on what type of environment your child(ren) thrive(s) best in academically and/or behaviorally.    When doing so, please do not suggest a specific teacher.  

2024-2025 is Underway - We are excited to announce plans for our new S(Science) T(Technology) E(Engineering) M(Mathematics) Lab for next year, multiple sessions (beginning in the Fall) of our After School/Enrichment Clubs, Competitive Math Team and a Beautification/Environmental Club.   We will continue to have ORFF Ensemble, WBAY Morning News Crew, Debate, Safety Patrols, Student Government and "Bayview Buddies".   If you haven't already, please return your Intention/Address Verification Form no later than tomorrow.
VPK and Grade 5"s Special Day - As we plan for June 5th's VPK Graduation and June 6th's Grade 5 Moving Up Ceremony, please plan to sign-in beginning at 7:45 (even though the event may not begin until 8:45).  Every guest will need to sign in through our STAR system which may take some time.  Therefore, please arrive early and you can either leave and return or wait patiently in our cafeteria for the program to begin.  Your patience is appreciated as always.  

FOCUS - The District will implement a new Student Information System (SIS), Focus School Software, beginning in the 2024-2025 school year.  Focus will replace Pinnacle, Virtual Counselor, PCG (EdPlan), BASIS, and TERMS.  It centralizes all applications used by parents into one districtwide system, incorporating attendance, grade book, scheduling, report cards, transportation, and communication.   Please review this webinar to learn more:
Remaining Calendar Dates
June 5 - Pre-Kindergarten's Graduation, End-of-Year Celebrations (Grades K -Ms. Rodgers and Ms. Winder, 1, 2 and 4)
June 6 - Grade 5's Moving Up Ceremony and Celebration, Kindergarten's End-of-Year Celebration (Ms. Cantalupo and Mr. Lane)
June 7 - Grade 3's End-of-Year Celebration, Grade 5's Breakfast and Yearbook Signing 
June 10 - Early Release Day, Report Cards Issued, Last Day of School 
Have a great week!
Mr. Breslaw 🙂