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Principals Message from Mrs. Frost

CONGRATULATIONS! You made it to the last day of school! Collectively, we have worked through tremendous obstacles this year, yet I am grateful for so many things. I started this school year with the theme of "Mission: Possible!" with the staff, and challenged each of us to find our personal why, and then find a way to rise above our past successes. And everyone did just that! First, I must thank the Bayview staff. Everyone shifted gears so quickly to make sure our students didn't miss true instruction, our office continued to serve the public, our school was kept safe and sanitized, and our students were kept fed. As I listened to experiences in other places, I can honestly say that our staff went well above and beyond requirements to make sure everyone was taken care of. Next, our parents took on the role of teacher! I commend each of you for making the most productive use of your time and ensuring that your child was an active participant in all their assigned lessons, in spite of the distractions of home. It was a huge learning curve for you, but you made it happen! Most importantly, our students are rock stars! They continued the lessons and programs they knew from traditional instruction, learned new ways of doing things, and taught their parents what life is like for them on a daily basis. I am so proud of every single child, and I encourage you to keep that positive "can do" attitude; it will carry you far in life.

To our fifth graders:
I wish you the best as you move into a brave new world. You will need to use all the knowledge and skills we have given you to be the critical-thinking, creative communicators and collaborators that the world is waiting for! Use these four C's with compassion for others, and you will be able to make any mission possible! Continue your great success in middle school, high school, college, and life, and keep us posted of the amazing things you accomplish. Make us proud; more importantly, make yourself proud. As a tribute to you, there is a video on the school website. You can access it at:

As you all embark on your summer together, I encourage you to continue to keep the family circle tight. Talk to your children, and teach them that love conquers all, even in the face of hatred and racism. This group of children have the heart, head, and hands to change the world, with our support. Have a safe, healthy, fun summer. I trust that I will see you in August!

Tonya E. Frost, Ed. S.

Proud Principal