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School Success Reminders



Sign into your class meeting by 8:00 a.m. each morning.

Use the class chat only for communicating with the teacher or about the lessons.

Attendance in specials is required, just as if everyone was in the building. Students who do not participate or keep their cameras on for teachers to observe and assess will receive grades of 3.

Our school requirement for iReady practice is 2 reading lessons and 2 math lessons per week. That’s only one per day. We require 80% or higher as a passing score.

Each student is expected to read at lease 30 minutes per night. They can read to themselves, to a family member/pet/stuffed friend! Just read!


Traffic Alert!!

Effective immediately, parents are required to adhere to the following guidance in the car loop. Now that everyone has adjusted, it is expected that everyone will cooperate with the directions of our staff to keep our children safe and traffic flowing.

1. Do NOT exit your vehicle at any time. Staff will assist students into the vehicle.

2. Have your student seated on the rear passenger side to facilitate exit and entry.

3. Do not call children into traffic or to cross traffic.

4. Only enter the loop as you drive west on Middle River Drive.


Attendance Policy 5.5 – Revised

Newly adopted language begins under Section VIII on page 9. The amended language for paragraph A. 2. reads as follows:

2. During distance learning, the use of student cameras is required for attendance and instruction. Students will be counted in attendance in the learning environment during their scheduled class time. Teachers should be flexible and consider any extenuating circumstances of individual students who may be unable to turn on a camera. Teachers may consider other evidence of attendance for individual cases.

The School Board’s decision to require camera usage by students was based on feedback from students, teachers, administrators, and other employees from an Attendance Survey that was conducted between Nov. 6 – 16, 2020. Results from the survey revealed that 75% of the School-based administrators who responded and 69% of teachers who responded support requiring cameras for attendance. School Board members unanimously agreed the policy should require students to turn on their cameras during attendance and direct instruction.