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Chess4Life are returning with Free LIVE SESSIONS


Join us for fun and engaging instruction and practice for ALL LEVELS of chess skill.


The general focus will be Pawn/Knight (beginner) level on Tuesdays, Bishop (intermediate) level on Wednesdays, Rook (advanced) level on Thursdays, and Tournament practice on Fridays! However, we'll remain flexible, and changes will be made based on the skill of those attending on that particular day. ALL students are welcome to attend one or all days! Interactive instruction will be from 4:30-5pm. Tournament Practice time starts at 5pm.


These sessions are open to all BCPS students. They can join the Microsoft Team by clicking Once they've joined the Team, they just log on every Tuesday-Friday by 4:30pm and they'll see the meeting to join.


All BCPS students can also access the Chess4Life app in their Clever single-sign-on any time to learn more about chess and access outstanding resources. We look forward to seeing your students grow in chess this year!


If you have any questions, please reach out to Justin Weaver ( right away.