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Single Sign-On & i-Ready at Home

For parents requesting help to do i-Ready from home:


There is no app for phones as of yet.

There is an app for some iPads with an Operating System 10 or higher.

You need to first download the i-Ready app to your iPad then download the “Clever instant login” app.

Once downloaded, open Clever first, students will sign on with their Single Sign On credentials, the SSO desktop will show and they can search for the i-Ready app, open it and enter their lesson.

Student email address is:   first name.last

Not all lessons will be available on the i-Pad, but there are still many to choose from.

For home computers, click below for the System Requirements:


Broward Single Sign-on Quick Reference Guide

Steps to a Safer SSO

i-Ready System Requirements for home access

i-Ready/SSO Step by Step Sign On