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Hello Collins Family!


Welcome to another exciting school year! Today, we had our Meet and Greet event in the school cafeteria. We were blessed Dania Beach Vice-Mayor Marco Salvino, Broward Education Foundation Director Shea Ciriago, Coca-Cola of Florida Territory General Manager – Scottie Walker, and School Board Member for District 1 – Ann Murray to visit with us. A special thank you is extended to the Broward Education Foundation and Coca-Cola of Florida for providing backpacks to all students! If you were unable to attend the event, your child will receive the backpack this week.


We are still in a pandemic; therefore, CDC guidelines are in effect. Masks are mandatory for everyone who enters the school building. Social distancing is now at a 3 ft. minimum. We continue to remind students of proper handwashing and sanitizing. There will be PPE provided in classrooms, but we encourage students to bring their own hand sanitizer, wear a mask and bring an extra mask, and bring bottled water. Dress code policy is in effect this year beginning Monday, August 23. The information is on the school website, and we will send it home with students along with other information this week. Please no crocs, no jelly sandals, no jeans with holes. Shoes must fit securely on the entire foot.


Our certain areas in the school is under construction. One of which is the group restrooms. We have an alternate plan for classrooms that do not have a restroom so that students can go the restroom during the school day.


Attendance counts all day, every day. Universal Breakfast begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 7:55 a.m. Class begins at 8:00 a.m. We encourage students to arrive before 7:55 so that they can get settled for instruction by 8 a.m.


On the first day of school parents of PreK students and Kindergarten students will be allowed to walk their child to class. Grades 1 – 5 will kiss parents in the car or at the gate and proceed to class. There will be plenty of staff members available to assist all students to class.


Students will enter the building through the West gate. There will be staff members by this gate and near the car loop to assist students. At 8 a.m. the West gate will close, and a single point of entry will be created at the gate leading to the Main Office for all students and visitors.


This year all schools will be observing a moment of silence shortly after 8 a.m. followed by 10 minutes of mindfulness. This implementation is to assist all students and staff get settle for learning. We want all students to be in attendance for this so please get them to school by 7:55 a.m.


Safety and security for everyone is of highest concern. If you, your child or any relative in the household is sick with flu-like symptoms or tested positive for COVID, please call the school immediately and keep your child home. It is imperative that we receive this information as quickly as possible so that we assess the impact at the school.


Safety and security protocols are in place. All staff and students will receive training on the safety protocols. The Schoolwide Positive Behavior Plan will be shared with students throughout the year as well.


If your child still has a student laptop from the last school year, please return the laptop to the child’s homeroom teacher as soon as possible for re-imaging.


Dismissal begins at 2:00 p.m. Please make sure that your child knows how he or she will get home. Please put a note in the child’s backpack with transportation information. We will be dismissing students according to the transportation information. Please pick one mode of transportation. Due to CDC guidelines, we are asking as many parents as possible to pick up children through the car line. Students who are walking home will be dismissed from the East gate. Bus riders and Daycare riders will have a designated area during dismissal. Car riders will be escorted to the car loop area. ASP students will be picked up from the hallway and escorted to their area.


Please register for Class Dojo as soon as possible so that you can receive direct communication from teachers and administration throughout the day. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school at 754-323-5150. Thank you for your cooperation. Let’s make it a great school year! #24K Collins MAGIC (Maximizing Achievement by Giving Individual Commitment).