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Volunteers 2022-2023

To volunteer on our Fall Picture Day (October 6, 2022), please click here.




Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at Cooper City Elementary School.   We value your participation in our school.   Your effort will contribute significantly to the success of our students and to our school. 


The Guidelines for Volunteering in Broward County Schools are established by the School Board.   Each volunteer must apply and be screened according to the Jessica Lunsford Act of 2005, to be cleared to work with children on campus and during field trips.  Volunteer applications are completed on-line at .  Approval usually takes approximately 48-72 hours.


The School Board Guidelines are clearly stated on the volunteer application.  Please read them carefully and comply fully. At Cooper City Elementary, the following guidelines are further established:


  • All parents must present current ID and be scanned into our Raptor system when entering our school. (No Exceptions -  NO ID, you can not come into the building.)
  • All classroom volunteering must be pre-arranged and approved with the teacher and/or administrator.   For example: Tuesdays, from 9:00 – 10:00 AM.  Arrangements for special events must also be made in advance and approved.
  • Unscheduled or unplanned visits to classrooms are not permitted.
  • Volunteers may not escort students to class or remove students from class, during school hours.
  • Volunteers may go to their intended area only, no wandering the halls is permitted. 
  • Parents may volunteer in their own child’s classroom with the understanding that ALL CHILDREN will be treated equally. 
  • Parents may not enter the teacher’s lounge.  Parents may use office restrooms.   
  • Parents may not handle or transport money collections at any time, unless designated by the PTA.
  • Parents may not grade papers.
  • Parents may not intervene into student disputes or discipline students.
  • Parents are no longer permitted to eat with their children during their lunchtime. Please understand this is for the safety & security of all our students.
  • Parents may not post on Social Media pictures of other students.


While volunteering, please remember to respect confidentiality. Teachers and students are entitled to their privacy as stated in State Statue.  Please do not share confidential information heard or seen at school with the public. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated!  The following pledge may help us all remember this:  What you see here and what is said here, when you leave here, let it stay here.


We welcome you as a valuable volunteer to Cooper City Elementary School. We hope your experience, as a volunteer is satisfying and rewarding.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our volunteer coordinator: Natalie Perez at 754-323-5206 or via email at