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MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS Supporting our Community

In the hours following the shooting on February 14, 2018, Broward County Public Schools mental health professionals, school counselors, psychologists and community partners immediately engaged in planning for crisis response to support students, families and employees in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School zone (MSDHS). Since, ongoing support and resources have been provided 7 days a week. The students, families, employees, MSDHS community and surrounding communities received and have access to trauma-informed care, behavioral health counseling, employee assistance support, comfort dogs, specialized support groups, and wellness resources.
Additionally, the Broward County Resiliency Center (BCRC), located in the amphitheater at Pine Trails Park, was established and has offered no-cost visits for support, from trauma-trained mental health professionals and counselors, 7 days a week.  Broward County Public Schools mental health professionals, school counselors, psychologists and community partners will continue to inform the students, parents, employees and the community of mental health and wellness supports and resources. We are also working in partnership with Broward Behavioral Health Coalition to provide mental health services countywide.
ACTIONS: Print copies of all flyers, maintain printed copies of flyers in the front office for visitors to see and take with them. Post the flyers on your school website and in key informational areas of your school.  Share the attached flyers with all employees by email, on SharePoint, on your school-based social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook), and share the link that takes visitors to the flyers on your school website. Also, ensure that school support have this information to share with all constituents.
RATIONALE: In every community in Broward County, there are students, teachers, and staff that have experienced trauma due to loss. The shooting at Stoneman Douglas has amplified the need for making mental health professionals, counselors, supports and resources available to our students, families, employees, and community members.
For questions regarding the Broward County Resiliency Center, please contact the manager of the site, Susan Vialpando, MSW at 754-321-1590.  For questions regarding employee mental health and wellness, please contact Marie English-Arterberry, MSW, EAP Administrator at 754-322-9900.

Click here for MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS Supporting our Community flyers