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Overview of Interventions, Supports and Services for All Students

All Broward County Public Schools have processes in place to meet student needs in the areas of academic, social, emotional and behavioral functioning. Specifically, each school offers a framework that provides varying levels of academic and behavior supports to students based upon their individual needs. This framework is referred to as a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS).

Each school has a committee of professionals known as the Collaborative Problem-Solving Team (CPS team) that meets regularly to review data and make decisions regarding specific students’ need for intervention and/or evaluation. The problem-solving process includes steps that school-based teams use to determine how well students have responded to the instruction and interventions that have been provided. This focused approach of matching interventions to student needs and monitoring them on a regular basis is referred to as Response to Intervention (RtI). The information gained is used by school personnel to adapt instruction and enable students to be successful in school.

Parent involvement and engagement is vital to the success of the process. Parents play a critical role in supporting what their child is learning in school. The more parents are involved in their child’s learning, the more likely students will be successful in school. As such, parents, like school staff, can request that their child’s concerns are discussed at a school-based CPS team meeting.

Parents concerned about their child’s response to instruction and intervention, or any social, emotional or behavioral issue, should contact the MTSS contact or school administration at their child’s school to request a meeting with the CPS team to review the current interventions and supports being provided and the student’s progress. Parents concerned about their child’s progress toward academic and/or behavioral goals on their IEP should contact the ESE Specialist or school administration to request an IEP meeting to review the current services being provided and the student’s progress. Most importantly, these meetings are highly individualized based upon student needs.

Each student potentially has access to a full range of supports and/or services including: general education: academic, social, emotional and behavioral interventions; school-based counseling, community-based counseling; Gifted evaluations, Section 504 evaluations, and Exceptional Student Education (ESE) evaluations.

All schools have interventions, supports and services that are tailored to the unique needs of their students and school. For specific information contact your child’s school. If you have additional questions, please contact the District’s MTSS team in the Division of Student Support Initiatives & Recovery at 754-321-1655.  

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