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Parent Support Learning

Here is information on, "Where do parents find Coronavirus information in the 3 major home languages: Spanish, Haitian-Creole, and Portuguese?"

The BCPS website houses all current information. All web pages can be translated into multiple languages by clicking on the “Select Language” icon and choosing the desired language. Unfortunately, any PDF items found within the pages may not always be translated. 

Select Language option in upper left corner

Parents can visit to learn more about the online learning process.  This will show Parents how to access information on Canvas.

The Canvas Training for Parents link can be found on the right menu on the Learning Never Closes home page.

After clicking on the “Canvas Course for Parents”, select the “Accessing the Canvas Parent App” at

Accessing the Canvas Parent App

Parents can then download Canvas resources in the top three languages. 

Translated Parent Quick Start Guides are available


Parents can also find Bilingual/ESOL Resources to use with their students at home at

ESOL Resources available for parents

Please continue to visit the BCPS website for current information at