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Silence Hurts

The security and well being of our students and staff is a high priority of Croissant Park Elementary School and the Broward County School District.   During times of crisis, communication is vital.  Being made aware of potentially dangerous situations is key in keeping our students and school safe.  For the past few years, Croissant Park Elementary School and the Broward County School District have been stressing to its students and staff that if they know or hear of something, they have a responsibility to alert the proper authorities. 

Whether they speak with our school Principal, Assistant Principal, Guidance Counselor, the Safe School Officer or even leave an anonymous note on a teacher's desk, they must report what they know.  Keeping silent doesn't help us, them, or anyone else, in fact, it could allow a bad situation to get even worse.  Students, staff, or anyone else may report information about any illegal activity to the Anonymous Reporting/Silence Hurts Tip-line.

The Broward County School District has also established a Hotline.  The District's Hotline is another way to provide information to our school and District officials about a potentially dangerous situation.  It is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All calls are recorded and Caller ID identifies where the incoming call is originating from.  Operators log all the important information, then relay it to the proper authorities (the District's SIU Department and local law enforcement agencies) for follow-up.

Croissant Park Elementary School and the Broward County School District take security very seriously, and any matter our school or District officials are made aware of will be investigated.  This Hotline has been established only for individuals to call and report a possible problem.  Croissant Park Elementary School encourages anyone wishing to report information about any illegal activity or information about crimes committed or being planned to the District's Emergency/Silence Hurts Hot-line at:

(754) 321-0911

Anyone wishing to file a report may also email information to:

Or via texting 'SBBC' plus the message to CRIMES (274637). Tips are received immediately by the District's Special Investigative Unit/Professional Standards Department, staffed seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Names and contact information remain confidential.

For immediate emergencies, people should continue to use established emergency numbers, including 911.