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Tech Support


Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) continues to prioritize the use of technology for learning and ensuring all District families have access to reliable support.  The District is committed to: 

  • Making computer laptops or other learning devices available to all students and staff that need them. 
  • Providing low-cost, high-speed Internet access and connectivity to all BCPS families. 
  • Supporting staff, students, and parents in successfully utilizing tools in the eLearning environment. 

The District continues to work with AT&T and Comcast to ensure access to these carriers’ home broadband internet services for low monthly rates as well as access to hot spots.  Both carriers also extended these offers through the end of 2020 and lowered income requirements to reach more low-income homes in Broward County. 


BCPS Technology Services

    • On-demand support during school hours and staffed by school-based Microcomputer Technicians (“Micro-techs”.) 
    • Access to Parent University webinars in multiple languages for parents. 
    • Training modules on eLearning tools and strategies for teachers. 
    • Courses in using Microsoft Teams and Canvas tools. 
    • A support “hotline” on Teams and hosted by certified teachers providing live instructional support each day between 3:30 and 9:00 p.m. for students needing assistance in core academic areas. 

eLearning Technology Support

    • The District is committed to improving eLearning tools and services while continually assessing student and teacher needs and implementing new tools to help them succeed as identified please review training manuals created as part of the District’s innovative Parent University.
    • Technical support questions and help will be answered by your child's school. Please contact the school through its main number and ask to speak to a MicroTech.  They can assist you with devices, learning applications and other technical issues you may be experiencing.

    The District will continue to improve these tools and services while also continually assessing student and teacher needs and implementing new tools to help them succeed. 

Tip for Parents

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