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DBES Media Center

We have some exciting news to share regarding Deerfield Beach Elementary school's future.  Over the summer, Deerfield Beach Elementary will begin major renovations to our media center and our classic school house.  


Slated to start construction in a few weeks and a planned opening of later summer/early fall, we will see our media center reviatlized for the 21st century. Being so close to the beach, our accent colors focused on ocean hues and beachwood finishes.  


pic 1


Our media center is at the center of our campus.  The intended goal is to make it the "heart" of DBES creating a space that integrated multiple elements including a story time area, makers space, computer research zone, while still maintaining functionaliy to host small and large school meetings. Our media center will become a hub for learning, exploring, research, and our community.  We can't wait to open our doors to welcome you in to an amazing new space in the fall 2020!

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