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Students returning to DBES

Returning Back to DBES

We are working diligently to prepare Deerfield Beach Elementary for our students to safely return.  Please carefully read over the following information from the district.  We will continue to post important information here for all of our families to review.

Please click here for our DBES Family "Welcome Back" newsletter



 Facial Covering Policy

 School Board Policy 2170-E requires that all persons on a school campus wear facial coverings. This includes, students, staff, visitors, and vendors. Face shields are not a substitute for facial coverings and facial coverings are required even if face shields are worn. All facial coverings must meet the requirements of School District’s student code of conduct. Students must always wear facial coverings while on campus, with the exception of when they are eating or participating in an organized outdoor activity.


Please send your child with a mask and at least one back up in their backpack.


Student Health

Parents need to ensure they monitor their students for symptoms of illness every day prior to sending them to school. This includes conducting a daily health check screening. Please see attached document for details of the self-assessment. We have a designated isolation room in the event that students are suspected to have COVID-19 symptoms. Our health professionals in coordination with the Florida Department of Health will provide guidance, however we will proceed as if it were a positive case until proven otherwise. Please see attached document for Broward County Schools procedure.

Please remember:

  • While at school, students must maintain physical distancing protocols, wear a face covering, and practice other hygiene routines to limit the spread of the illness

  • Parents are encouraged to use a daily health screening.  Please click here.

  • Students will be reminded on a consistent basis to wash their hands, keep their facial covering properly fitted across their face, and to keep their hands away from their eyes, mouth, and nose.

  • We will utilize signage across our campus to encourage these practices.

  • A visitor log will be maintained outside of each classroom door to monitor individuals who enter the room on any given day. This protocol will assist in contact tracing if necessary.

  • All high touch areas and classrooms will be routinely sanitized.


What to Bring to School

Please remember to:


School Supplies and Laptop Chargers

Students are not permitted to share school supplies or laptop chargers. Students returning to campus must bring with them all needed school supplies and laptop chargers. All textbooks and materials will remain with the student.

Classroom Capacity

Classroom capacity has been revised based on CDC guidelines. If a classroom reaches capacity, students will be placed in an alternative room, but will continue eLearning with their assigned teacher.

Bus Service

Broward County Public Schools will continue to provide bus service for those students that qualify. Based on your survey results, information has been sent to the Transportation Department.


Mr. Hanna will be reaching out to registered aftercare families to provide information and updates about the aftercare program.


We are temporarily suspending the uniform policy as we know it may be challenging to purchase uniforms during these challenging times. All students are expected to adhere to the dress code provided in the Student Code of Conduct but will not be required to wear a uniform.


DBES truly loves and appreciates our volunteers! At this time, due to safety precautions, visitors and volunteers will not be permitted on our campus.  We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we focus on the safety and health of our DBES students and staff.



Our school officially opens at 7:30 am. Our front office opens daily at 7:30 am and is only for item drop-off, student registration, and parent communications. Please remember we are following CDC guidelines and can only accommodate three people in the front of our office at a time.  We have set up vinyl stickers outside our office to assist families in maintaining social distancing and to create an orderly line.


We will welcome our students on our campus three different ways:

  • North Walkers gate (located on Eller street across from the church) 

  • Car Line (located off Eller Street east of our cafeteria)

  • Bus Riders

Please remember that as soon as you set foot on campus, students must "mask up".


We know that we will have many students who are new to our campus. For safety and security reasons, parents will not be allowed to walk students to their classrooms at this time.  Please know that we will have staff available at all entrances to assist our students with getting to class.



Please read this section, as our dismissal procedures will change this year to ensure social distancing.  We ask that parents please practice social distancing and other CDC guidelines out of respect to all our welfare.  We also ask that if you are on DBES campus, even outside the gates, that you please wear a mask to pick up your child.  This is a school board policy that we will enforce.

Students can exit our campus in 5 different ways this year. Students will exit from campus the following five ways:

  • Day care van (please contact the day care to ensure they are actually picking up at schools)


  • SBBC School bus 


  • North Walker Gate - North walker gate will only be for our kindergarten and pre-kindergarten families. Older siblings will accompany their younger siblings.
  • Building 6 Walker Gate - We will dismiss our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students from the gate closest to the classic school building in front of our two-story, building 6
  • Car Riders - (car line is located east of the cafeteria off Eller street). When cars pull in through the gate, you will be asked to initially share the name and grade of the student(s) you are picking up.  There names will be radioed into the cafeteria, where they are waiting socially distanced from other students.  They will walk out and down to the pick up line where they will enter your car.  On the first day Mr. LaPlante, our Assistant Principal, will assign cars a number.  Please hold that number up each time you come through our car dismissal line in the window so we can quickly bring your children out to you.

Please check out this video on Kindergarten and Pre-K Walker Dismissal:



Please check out this video on Car Dismissal:




Breakfast begins at 7:30 am to 8:00 am.  Students will grab a breakfast in the service line and sit in our cafeteria to eat.

Breakfast and lunch are currently free of charge for all students through December. 

Please click here for the October breakfast and lunch menus.


Classroom Set up


We have redesigned our classrooms to seat as many students while maintaining social distancing of six feet apart.  Students are expected to bring their own materials and supplies to school.  Items cannot be shared with other students.  


Please review the following video for an example on how we will set up our classrooms for social distancing: