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Read at Home Plans

Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is dedicated to helping children reach their maximum potential as lifelong learners and proficient readers by third grade. To support language and literacy acquisition at home, BCPS has developed a Read-at-Home Plan. The purpose of the read at home plan is to provide parents/guardians with guidance and resources needed to help ensure their child is successful in school. This Read-at-Home Plan includes reading and multi-sensory strategies you can implement at home as part of your daily routine or on-the-go to make a positive impact on your child’s success in school. Multisensory strategies that integrate visual, auditory, tactile (touch), and kinesthetic (movement) learning are included to assist students with understanding new information, learning ways to remember the information, and having more ways to recall it later.  We encourage you to speak with your child’s teacher and visit the collection of resources at BCPS Supporting Young Learners Canvas page at for additional information and strategies. 


Please click here to read and review Read at Home plans for:

English version

Spanish version

Portuguese version

Haitian-Creole version