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Educational Differences

At Hawkes Bluff Elementary School, we strive to meet students’ educational needs while respecting the individuality of each student.  We appreciate students’ different learning styles and parent preference for teachers with certain teaching styles.  However, our main goal is to provide every child with the best educational experience.  We believe we have a caring and qualified faculty and staff who will ensure a positive learning experience for your child.  Additionally, what one parent views as structured and caring, another parent may view differently. Furthermore, many factors are taken into account when classes are formed to ensure a well- balanced class. Therefore we are asking you to allow us to make the best placement decision for your child.


Occasionally, however, we encounter a student who may have a medical, psychological, or social-emotional need that should be considered when making a placement.  If, and only if your child has a special need, please write a letter to Ms. Cunningham, Principal, addressing your concern.  Please limit your concerns to students with special needs.  A generic letter asking for a “nurturing” or “structured” teacher would not be appropriate. Additionally, requests for a specific teacher will not be honored.  In advance, thank you for your cooperation.